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Hey! I'm Stacey, a proud West Philly native, and August Leo. I am a Philadelphia branding and lifestyle photographer. I love to travel, work out, create, and picnic in the park with my boyfriend. I'm so excited to capture and document moments for my clients - professionals, brands, events, and interior spaces.


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  • How did you get into photography? My earliest memory is when I was in middle school. My mom got my sibs and me disposable Kodak cameras. I took my camera to school the next day and finished the film roll by lunch. As soon as my mom came home from work, I begged her to take me to Rite Aid so I could develop the pictures and so she could buy me another camera lol the spark came again while living in Spain. I had the opportunity to explore Europe, where I dreamt of being a travel photographer (still a dream job!). I always felt I had an eye for "the perfect shot"; I was missing the equipment. I now shoot with a mirrorless Canon RP.

  • What inspires your work? Begin able to document and share stories. there's no better storytelling than the ones that come from an image, so capturing raw moments is essential to me. I'm also big on concepts, so learning about passion projects inspires me. 

  • How is shooting with you? It's a fun experience! If you're not used to being in front of the camera, I'm here to help you feel comfortable and talk you through poses as I shoot (and before the shoot during our calls). We'll laugh and dance. My boyfriend Justin will most likely be flying the drone to get incredible behind-the-scenes footage. It'll be a great day - you'll leave feeling revitalized and confident!

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